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We are focused on creating educational programs that help to enhance students’ skills across various grades and subjects. Modules are designed per grade level that progressively enhances their skill and confidence each day.

Each subject category has several quizzes designed to assess student’s mastery with the concept. By consistently devoting 101 minutes per week, students can demonstrate significant improvement.

We are committed to serving our student community by building effective tools and reward programs. We are open to receiving feedback on how we can improve to make this an even better experience for our students. Our goal is to create a fun and learning social educational platform where students are rewarded for their achievements.




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Progress Reports

Parents, teachers and students can monitor progress with detailed reports available for all quizzes. The reports provide insights on how students are progressing on a regular basis. They help to bridge gaps in any of the identified skills.

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Reward Points

As you start your educational journey and take quizzes on a regular basis, you will start earning reward points. For every successful attempt, you will earn points equivalent to your score. Points can be redeemed with free gifts offered by 101Minute.com shopping mall.

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